Queued for Review - Approximate time for review?

Hi, I have submitted new item for review. The review status is - “Queued for Review”. It is interesting to me what is approximate time for review in this status? Thanks!

Anywhere from 5-10 days :wink:

KrownThemes said

Anywhere from 5-10 days :wink:

At least 5 days? OMG! Thanks! :slight_smile:

I think the normal review time is 2-7 days. I will say that I’ve had a plugin on Code Canyon approved within 10 minutes. That plugin was not new, so that could have been part of the reason for the speedy turnaround. I cannot speak for the other market places, as their times may vary from what I’m used to on Code Canyon.

Good luck!

Mine is in queue for more than 3 months now, should I do something ?


Now my product is in queue for 10 days. It’s strange that when I submitted I didn’t receive any messsage.

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Current Review Turnaround For ThemeForest for new items is 20 days.

More details here: http://quality.market.envato.com/themeforest

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I’m waiting 20 days for my new WP theme

My under Queued for Review and I’m waiting from last 18 days.

On ThemeForest now the waiting time is 19 days:

This is the Themeforest Review thread… looks like you’re on your dashboard in VideoHive? If so, and that’s a stock footage item, I’m afraid you’ve got quite a wait ahead of you.

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How long does it take for mobile apps?

My graphic river item queued for review since 6 days. I think it is long time for us. It should be max. 3-5 days.