Queued for Review 7 days ago

I submit my HTML Template 7 days ago???
what happened?

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Average review time is 7 days, so nothing happened :slight_smile: http://quality.market.envato.com/themeforest

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Even if you see 7 days on Review Time page. There can be 8, 9 or 10 days… The real review time…because 7 is an average :slight_smile:


9 days … no news

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Today is Sunday reviewers are break only weekends, my psd also wait 9 days, my screen see:



Already 11 days…

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Don’t worry if it is still in a queue. You could get a response as early as in one day or it also could take a few weeks as well.

My item got a feedback after a month. : - )

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That review average days are a mess. It is calculated based on last 7 days.

For the last 7 days it was displayed that average time for new WP items is 10 days, now it is 9 days but yet I have WP item queued for review 15 days ago XD

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Exactly, it was actually displayed at 6 days yesterday, and it’s 15 today, so a 9 day increase in one day. So very accurate :smiley:

I submitted a new theme when the review average time was 10 days. Later, it became 9 days, 6 days, and 15 days today.

Well, still in the queue for 15 days. Hopefully, today is final!

as far as I knew.
PSD 6 days & counting
WP 9 days & counting

It takes about 9-10 days to get reviewed as I saw on my items.