Questions regarding sounds for a videogame project.


I have two questions regarding sounds for a videogame project. Unfortunately, I didn’t find the answer in the licenses descriptions, so I decided to ask the questions here.

(1) Do I have to put authror’s reference into the game’s titles?
(2) Do I have to put authror’s reference into the game’s promotion videos?

Nope, you don’t have to credit the author/Envato Market, but you know, it’s always appreciated :smile:

I see. Thanks for the reply :slight_smile:

No, there’s no need for you to credit me when using any of my sound effects in your game :grinning:



Well, I decided it would be fair to credit the sounds developer, even if I don’t have to.

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Excellent, I’ll keep an eye out for my name! :wink:

I think its the same llsituation as films.but depends on the video game of course.

@ SpaceStockFootage

You have impressive portfolio indeed, but if I understood it correctly, you have only combined video-music assets. This is not quite what I need. For my game I require short sound effects (like footsteps or shots - already purchased most of them), and few music tracks (without video). Still choosing music, and hope to purchase licenses for all needed tracks from single composer (in order for all tracks to be in the same style) :slight_smile:

Sure, I was only joking… but I do have an AudioJungle portfolio, as well as a VideoHive one, for standalone audio items.

Hello! If you still need to play the sounds, I can help you. For a long time I worked on the sound design of games for IOS \ Android (music background, sfx). In AJ I went back recently and has not had time to load all the projects in the portfolio. As long as they are loaded, I can send examples of work on your mail.))

Which kind of music Do you need??
I have plenty of audio conceived for games!

@ SpaceStockFootage

I’ll take a look. If I’ll find something that suits my project, I’ll let you know :slight_smile:

@ Mr_Tale

I’ve already purchased licenses for all sound effects I need for now, sorry :slight_smile:

I got many music that fits for the game, check my portfolio :stuck_out_tongue:

@ bosone, FASSounds

I need at least two dark industrial melodic tracks that will perfectly fit cyberpunk setting. Didn’t find any I 100% like though, still looking for them.

You can try these::

@ bosone

Thanks for the reference :smile:
I’ll keep these tracks in mind when the time will come to choose from everything I’ve found.

Great! Thanks!

hey didnt see that you are lookin for tracks ! check this too !
Dark Hybrid Trailer
thanx ! :slight_smile:

@ WolfSound

I’ll listen your tracks, thanks for the reference :smile: