Questions on Recover Theme

Hey Guys,

I’d love a hand here. I’m a designer (so I design, not develop :wink: and am working with the Recover wp theme.
The is the URL:

It’s no where near done - so judge as you will!

I’d like to change the way the pages are displayed. Currently the page background is black and the content section is end to end white. In my ideal world the black background wraps the content and continues down to the footer bar where it hits the yellow and stops. So almost like an inversed U-shape on the page.

Does that make sense and how would I do such a thing?

Any help would be wicked appreciated!

It’s better to contact the author for support but you may need to hire someone due to these changes/requests may consider as additional job and the author may not help you

In that case, in case of interest, you can hire one of my services:

Hey ki-themes

I talked with the developer earlier in the week and they don’t offer extra support on the theme. I’m completely capable of doing this and appreciate the offer tons! I just need someone to show me how.


No, you weren’t. If you were, you would do it already :slight_smile:

Sorry but there’s nothing else I could offer. If you contact me, I could check the theme and offer you maybe a better price

lol it’s cool. I don’t want to pay someone to do this for me. That leaves me in no better position then I am now. I want someone to show me. :wink:

I think that will explain