Questions about WP Theme requirements


I have been reading the requirements for uploading WP Themes:

But English is not my native language so I was hoping someone could help me explain a few things.

Under WordPress Core API it says the following:

"6. WordPress core features need to be incorporated:

  • Comments
    wp_list_comments() - optional

What does this mean? Does it mean that my theme need to have support for comments? If so. Is it a must for the main-loop or also for loops for custom post types?

Then also under WordPress Core API it says the following:

“10. Default WordPress CSS classes must be covered in the stylesheet, since this is expected native behavior.”

Once again. What does this mean? Does it mean that I have to declare all WP default CSS classes in my stylesheet or what exactly does it mean?

I appriciate any help with this.

Best Regards.

Yes, every wp theme must support comment because comment is WordPress core function. You should provide comment support for posts and pages, but not a must for custom post types, I think.
And default wp css classes must be declared in your theme css, if possible, in style.css in theme folder.

Hi, thanks for your reply. Appriciated. :slight_smile: About comments. Does it mean that I also need to have a front-end design for the comment area?

Yes, I think so. You must create styles for comment list and input form.

Okay, thanks alot for taking your time and answer my questions :smile: