Questions about uploading a WP Theme




In a few days I will upload my first WordPress Theme to ThemeForest for review. But after reading to guidelines, taken a look to the uploading form and read a few “hard rejacted” threads on the forum there is a few things I dont understand. So if someone could explain them to me? :slight_smile:

  1. Does all files needs to be included in the theme? Or is it okay to use CDN’s for example bootstrap and font awesome?

  2. The form “Main File(s)” on the upload page is this all files INCLUDING the theme files?

  3. Documentation, should this be included in the upload? If so where/what form? Does the Documentation needs to be “offline” like a .pfd doc? Or can you have it online (website)?

  4. The information for the “sales page” do I add this first after my theme has gotten aproved? Or when do I do this in the theme upload/aproval process?

  5. I have readed alot of “hard rejacted” threads here on the form. And I do understand what the difference is between hard/soft. But what I dont understan is that a hard can say something like “and can not be resubmitted”. What does this mean? Does it mean that I can’t submitt the theme again? Or can I still upload it again after major changes?

Thanks :slight_smile:

  1. I think its ok(not sure)
  2. Yes - the main file should include everything(the theme files, documentation and license depending on the category where you upload)
  3. The documentation must be bundled in the theme and be actually in the theme, you can’t have a link or redirect to it
  4. If you mean on Item Description - yes - you should add this while upload
  5. You can resubmit after you clearly fix all the issues(code/design), they want to say that you can not resubmit it again as it is(with no evident change)



About Question #1: As far as I know, No. You should not use CDN. Some of my items were soft rejected in the past due to using CDN. So please include all files in your package. Let’s think that user won’t use the site on the Internet but only on their limited Intranet network :blush:

About Question #3: If you’ve not made your documentation yet, please take a look at Documenter by Revaxarts here:

Question #4: Put your description in the “Description” section. Please note that you should use HTML tags inside it too. To learn more about it, you should use inspect element tool on your web browser on another item, then find a DIV tag which has a “user-html” class inside it. Your content will be placed inside this DIV tag.

I hope that helps!



Thanks for all your answers! This did help me alot to clear things out! :slight_smile:


You can show the theme here if its ok with you. You will get feedback and you can improve your theme


I will as soon as it is ready. Still got a few last fix to do :smile: