Questions about the Wikiology Theme

Dear folks, I am not sure if this is the place to ask for information about at theme. But I will, and if I am in the wrong place, please let me know.
I am interested in purchasing the Wikiology theme, to create a wiki. Here are some of my questions.

  • Does the theme include any type of semantic relationship between articles, pages, blogs, and other elements?
  • There is an infobox in this page at to the right of the article, it includes information about the museum, is the infobox created by a native feature in the theme, or is this a plugin?
  • I would like our wiki to be an open collaboration source, do you have a forms plugin for page creation that users can fill out to create a page, or one that you would recommend that will play well with Wikiology?

Thank you for any feedback

PS, I guess my link directs to the main Wikiology home page, sorry, please attached for screen shot of infobox, thanks.

Theme specific queries should be asked to the author

Thank you Charlie.