Questions about promotion

Hello, my friends or not :slight_smile:

I understand that there are hardly any people who will want to share their tips and schemes on such a sensitive topic as “search optimization” to promote tracks of newcomers or experienced authors who have bad sales, but suddenly! (faith in people is the only thing we have left at this time)

I think if something like this exists, then composers who already sell their tracks well should not be afraid of competition. I am sure that such authors have much more experience, a great sense of taste, style and understanding of what customers need (Yes, Yes, I mean you-our authors of top tracks, which we all try to match), so the theory that “with our advice, we create potential competitors who will take our bread away from us” - it doesn’t work very well, because we simply don’t have enough experience to create tracks that will sell well, but THANKS to Your advice, we may have 1-2 sales on the track, which will not create a carefree life and a full income on music stocks and on our own music, BUT will give us hope and motivation to work and develop further.

So here are some of the questions:
Does it make sense to use metadata and ID3v1 and ID3v2 tags before uploading tracks to the stock?
Does the design of the track page, description, and phantom tags in HTML code provide anything other than visual aesthetics?

In fact, there are not as many questions as you would like to ask, because it is difficult to formulate these questions when you do not understand the topic… if you know what I mean)
That’s why I ask you to comment and recommend something other than standard advice, such as:
“just regularly upload tracks to the site;
just make your songs better;
just listen to more stock music and analyze it to understand how it works;
just try creating a channel on Youtube or other social networks.create and promote tracks there”

So, I hope for your understanding and responsiveness! And I don’t think I’m the only one)

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This is hard, is like asking a succesful author to tell you his secrets. Even if he did, these secrets are not eternal, meaning that no secret will be always a top secret success formula, every author is in his own faith and destiny… No one will tell you his secrets like 80% of times. Things are hard lately and I myself went to the mosstttt bottom ever, like beginning of AJ 5-6 years ago, again from start. Things are changing, the stock market is changing, and also we have the coronavirus thing. Markets are evolving into something else, that noone knows the future and answers. So we are all in our own faith!