Questions about license

I am a new envato elements customer. I have some questions and I appreciate the answers sincerely. I do not understand the licenses here.

Do I get a license automatically every time I register a product or should I apply for them?

Secondly, how does this sublicense work? Again, should I apply for it? How do I pass it to my customers? Should I type some particular words? I am confused by the lingo I should give them?

Sorry for these noobish questions. I am just starting on this domain and many thanks for your answers

Thanks again!!!


When you will download any item to use in any project then just you have to register the item for the end use (project).

All items on Envato Elements have the same simple license terms. You get broad commercial rights, so you can use items with confidence on work or personal projects.

  • Register items each time you use them

Each time you download an item, you get an ongoing license for a single, specified use. Want to use an item again? No problem! Visit your downloads and simply register it again for a different end use.

You have to register the downloaded item for the end product (your customer project). The licenses you get for items you download and register from Envato Elements are only valid if you complete your End Products while your subscription is active. Then the license continues for the life of the End Products.