Questions about feedback removal

My question is, why are some sellers allowed to remove the legit negative feedbacks they get?

Shouldn’t this be transparent marketplace, if something is broken, why aren’t you allowed to leave 1 star rating?

What’s the meaning of the feedback system at all.

Just for clarity - authors can’t remove feedback.

They can only flag it to be checked by envato who would be who actually takes any comments down

There is a seller who manages to flag 6-7 negative reviews in a couple of weeks.

The reviews are not coming from fresh newbie accounts, the seller just manages to flag them and get it removed, so does he with questions about the bugs in the theme.

It’s kinda ridiculous, i saw other threads where seller complained about buyers who dont have any clue how to use the themes… but what about the rest of us?

I have spent well over 1000 $ on this marketplace and been in a web dev. for some time - If a seller is selling a broken plugin and me and others are leaving negative reviews that gets flagged and removed then i’m pretty disappointed in the system.

If you drop a note to support these are the team who will be checking flagged posts and will be able to provide the most accurate response.

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Thanks for your input but already did this more than week ago.

Not only we provided all the points that are non functioning but we provided videos of the issue as well, they told us they will deal with this and that was it… no messages after that.

Meanwhile the seller receives new negative feedbacks for the same problem, just flags them and continues of selling.

Pointless to whine here, but i dont have anywhere else to do that - Hopefully someone from staff can take a note from this.