Questions about Envato's Most Wanted

@scottwills Any Plans for Themeforest Envato Most Wanted Contest?
Last one was years ago :frowning:

Hi @surjithctly, hope all is well! We no longer run Most Wanted contests I’m afraid. I always enjoyed them too. I would love to see another ThemeForest contest though, maybe we can cook something up in the future. :thumbsup:

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Is it a case of them being completely off the table, or might they pop up again from time to time based on the need for such things. I’m guessing they’re decided on based on how many people are searching for, and buying, certain types of items… versus how many items there are in those categories.

So if 1000 searches a month for cat related After Effect’s projects results in only five items coming up in those searches… that might flag the need for a most wanted contest.

So have they been stopped because generally they don’t pay off when it comes to cost versus benefit, or are there just not enough specific items needed to warrant such contests, due to organic growth in the number and variety of items? Just wondering!

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Hi @SpaceStockFootage, not sure about the “why” to be honest, I no longer work on the team that ran those contests. If I had to guess I imagine it was just because of switching focus onto some other priorities. Some people on that previous team now help with Elements and others work for the Affiliates Team for example. I’ll ask around though and I’ll swing-by with a response if I ever find out why. Sorry I don’t have any further info on that at the moment.

Update: Their focus is currently on authors rather than items at this moment in time. EMW may (or may not) come back in the future. That’s all I know I’m afraid, hope it’s of some use!

If we remember correctly Envato stopped with them because the last EMW contests had a lot of problems and complaints with the review times. Having 60+ days for a theme review made it difficult to have a competition with deadlines, even if they count the upload date, people had to wait 3/4 months just to get the results/winners after the deadline. Now the review times have improved, but they are still high (20+ days for the first review, not counting some soft rejections).

Hi Scott! Does that mean that are we gonna get something like EMW but related to authors? What does that “focus on authors” means? Thanks!

I think it just means there are some plans to focus more on helping authors succeed rather than necessarily concentrating on the acquisition of new content types and categories. Take that with a pinch of salt, I’m not personally directly involved with those projects. :thumbsup: