Questions about buying a logo opener


Hey guys. New to the video hive community and I have questions. Wanting to buy a logo opener for my business logo but don’t know what to do. Do I just buy one and insert my logo or do i need certain software to do that. Don’t wanna buy one and then have to spend a bunch of money in order to get the programs to finish it. Any input is awesome. thanks.


Heya @bigharm27! Welcome to the Community :slight_smile:

So basically all of the VideoHive items will requite some kind of software to use. It really depends on what you’re building your videos in.

Most, if not all templates will list what they are compatible with in the item description. You can also look at the categories of items, which denotes some of the most more specific software (after-effects, apple motion etc). If there’s a specific file that you’re looking at and you’re not quite sure, feel free to post it here, the community can let you know.

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Hi, for an After Effects logo intro you will need Adobe After Effects software(you can download a 30 days trial) and a minimum of knowledge of how to use the program, all the AE templates have a tutorial on how to customize but if you don´t have time or don´t have the software you can hire my services of customization here:

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