Questions about a team / business subscription to Envato Elements

Hi everyone,

I’d like to get answers from Envato officials for a few questions I have before purchasing a subscription to Envato Elements.

(First, forgive my English, I’l not a native speaker)


As the media designer and video-guy working for a NPO company in Belgium, I think Elements would be a great option for our business activities. I’ll try to make it short.

  1. We produce digital training programs but we don’t directly distribute our productions by our own means. The distributor will likely be one of our partners (local Universities, public or private schools, training centers, institutions and sometimes private partners).

Our company will be the ONLY ONE to actually create graphic designs, videos, etc. Is Elements ok with this situation.? I mean, I’ll label every single production as "produced by name of the employee for the employer. And we never share the source files - only exports. Distributors will never be allowed to edit it without our intervention.

Does it matter if we don’t directly distribute it by ourselves? (We would be considered as a creative agency working for/with our partners and they will never interact with Elements assets, only “final products”)

  1. Our conception of a project is a full training program. It basically includes multiple graphic designs and video clips. But in the end, those are not supposed to be available separately.

Do we have to consider every single sub-product as a “final product” or the training program can be considered as the “final product” and licensed once for each asset used in the creative process?

  1. We are currently 2 multimedia creators (me, as a graphic designer and video producer - full time - and a graphic designer - part time). Do we have to get a business subscription or a Team subscription would be enough for the 2 of us?

  2. If my department hires a new coworker in the future, can we easily adapt our subscription to add a member during the year-membership?

Thank you for your answers,

K. Dernelle - Jobs@Skills