Questions about a design I want to publish.


I hope to hear from all of you experts out there so you can help me.

I already emailed Envato Support about this and they said “we can only assist with general Marketplace issues through the general support system and unable to provide technical support for individual files. I would suggest you also try reaching out to our Community Forums which consist of authors and creatives who can give advice or feedback.”

So here is my Question:

I want to design SEVERAL Army Badges better than most seen on the web…not just simple, but well done. I want to do a series for Adobe Photoshop (.PSD’s) and a series in Vector for Illustrator.

These would be items such as the “Combat Infantryman Badge”, “Jump Wings”, “Combat Action Badge”, and many more.

As a Combat Veteran myself, I feel I can bring a unique and accurate bunch of amazing designs to bear in this theme.

So basically I’m wondering before I do ALL that work, if it’s allowed to do those type of things and sell them on the GraphicRiver Marketplace.

I have been an Author here for Six Years now.

Thank you and hope I hear from you soon.

If I were you, I would just create something that is needed in the market place. Why would you waste effort and time for something that might or might not be accepted.