Hello guys,
I have a question, if I download a brochure template can I use it for my Company? And can I edit it with Adobe Illustrator?
Thank you.

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Yes you can use it for your company and you also edit in illustrator.

hi indeed, u can even “resell it” to a customer of your agency , this means get a job done for customer of your company using it , no need to have internal use of the template only

I want download any template but I will to be edit and submit graphicriver but I think that problem copyright permission? @n2n44 please help me

hi yes of course … are u freelancing Jeri? or just running the marketplace only?

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Yes freelance and marketplace

i will send u an email (probably today or tomorrow) to tell u why i asked you this question

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no u can’t do this, u will be violating intellectual rights and copyrights

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Do I have the right to use one of the photo that’s already in the template?

Yes, you can download a brochure template for the company and you can edit it with Adobe Illustrator.

Can I use an Image from the Template?

Yes, You can use an image, but make your own images don’t use a template image