Hi guyz what is standard quality they want i had hard rejected for what i dont know ?!

With respect this is a long way from the standards.

Design fundamentals throughout around spacing, hierarchy, typography, attention to detail etc. all need reconsidering

Also you need to work out what you are trying to create i.e. if it’s a resume then it doens’t need a blog, team sections and so on. If it’s an agency type design thn it doesn’t need a resume and so on


There"s many themes like this idea created and approved wht u say i cant understand you there"s many templates ugly and approved what you say this is my second try for anew theme …!

You are right there are several in this style and as it happens I agree that the reviewers should put a stop to them

BUT (in most cases) the ones that are approved have a better grasp on design basics and execution. There being many others like an item means that you have to be flawless or bring something unique

Sir i created this theme from my brain not following other i surprised that the idea are made but thanks for your efforts and reviewers efforts :slight_smile: