Question - Unsupported media file / Required codecs not found

Hello there,

I downloaded stock videos for some B-Rolls. These are MOV files. When I upload it in Camtesia 2020, it gives an error message - ( Unsupported media file / Required codecs not found ) . Anybody knows the solution ? Or all stock videos are worthless in camtesia 2020 ?

Camtasia supports mov files as far as I’m aware, but you do need to have the mov codec installed on your machine, so you probably just need to install quicktime player to resolve that issue.

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Thanks a lot . I loaded quicktime player on my Win 10 machine but the problem remainsError .

Found this online, could help…

If you installed Camtasia Studio before installing QuickTime, it would be a good idea to re-run the Camtasia Studio installer. You do not need to uninstall first. Just run the installer, and choose the Repair option if prompted. There are a couple QuickTime components (a.k.a. codecs) that are installed by Camtasia Studio, but these can only be installed if QuickTime is already present on the system. These components are necessary if the MOV file was created using one of our codecs.

After this is done, or after QuickTime has just been installed, you may have to restart the machine in order for everything to re-initialize.