Question: Support Scope Related question


I have a question relating to support.

I purchased a theme and an associated mobile app, both from the same author.

I wanted to perform a change, this was not an inbuilt function in the theme or app, I asked for help from the author, author claimed it wasnt in scope of support as its beyond the functionality.

I mentioned that I would to customize it, I have some guys who know code, they were able to partially identify the files that needed to be edited, and for the remainder I requested for support. Author mentioned again its beyond support. I mentioned that you have created a functionality, I have purchased the theme, I want to know which file is controlling that functionality I will edit the functions and code, but finding the functionality out of 1000 files defeats the purpose of taking a ready made code.

So my question is asking for technical help to identify where does the specific code for a functionality lie in a bunch of files, is that beyond support or with in support?

PS - I have read

Which is basically whats included and whats not included.

-Vimal Tank

I wouldn’t think an author is required to explain to a buyer how the code works or how to modify it or where to modify it, as a modification by definition is a customization to the buyers specific needs, which is clearly not covered by support.

Therefore, if you need to make changes to the code that are unrelated to a specific bug/error/issue that prevented you from using the product in its original advertised scope, you need to figure that out for yourself and cannot count on the author to help you with that. Some authors might point you in the right direction on their own good will, but they are definitely not required to do so, if not just to protect the code integrity of their product.

After all, any such modifications done by you could negatively impact other routines of the same item, which you would also not receive any support for, as you caused those additional issues with your modifications.

And should a modification be required in order to address a bug or issue with the item that interferes with the usage intended and advertised by the author, then such a change should come from the author via official update. But any direct code modifications you make to the item that are not authorized or initiated by the author will more or less invalidate any support entitlements you obtained with purchase.

It’s difficult to determine fully without knowing what the change was but I would agree with @Tekanewa that this is, on the surface at least, outside of support and as you said was a ‘customization’ so there can therefore not be any obligation or expectation from the author.

If I were the author - knowing you have a team of people to alter and edit the functionality, but who are unable to locate where to make these changes, then, with all due respect, that would ring alarm bells about the potential for more future requests, complications etc.

Appreciate the replies. Thank You.

Just wanted to dig a bit deeper to identify the scope of support.

So If I buy codes, and there is functionality associated with the codes, I am not entitled to ask and identify which file is controlling specific functions in the bunch of codes by asking the author. please note here, I am not asking the author to edit the code for me, I not asking for customizing the code beyond as advertised, I am just asking which file controls a function.

What I do with the answers would be next step or another point of discussion.

You can ask but in these cases if the author chooses to help is up to them.

I would imagine that in most cases the author would tell you but it really depends on individual authors and the request itself in more detail.