Question / Suggestion On Theme Release Timing (For Review Staff)

Hi everybody,

My first post here :slight_smile:

  1. I’ve noticed that often many themes are released at once (sometimes 5 or more at once or within a really short period of time) and sometimes there will be no new themes for a long period. Why not have a queue of approved themes that are being released throughout the day with same time gaps between them? So if there are more themes approved on a given day, gaps are smaller (every 2 hours) and when there are less themes, gaps are longer. Tumblr has this option when posting, you can set up the number of posts per day. This would give each theme an equal amount of valuable time on the top of the New Themes page and maybe have more impact on sales because more people would get to see each theme. It’s just that there is no rhythm to it that’s all :slightly_smiling:

  2. Also, I’ve noticed that you sometimes release several or more themes that are exactly in the same category, targeting the same audience in a row. For instance, recently you released 3 good architecture themes at once, Dogma, Grafik and Invento which is a bit weird. Why not release those themes in 3 days so that each one is given the same amount of attention by the visitors? This way you will have a more diverse catalogue of themes each day.


Point 1 is a good idea

Point 2 not to sure about - If file A is released on Monday and then stagger file B and C throughout the week - is it not more likely that people will buy File A giving them an unfair advantage it is the first one of the three they have seen and most people here are buyers with intent to purchase?

So for Point 2 - Does TF intentionally releases several similar themes in a row to avoid this effect that you are talking about?

I am 99% sure it is very simple and just based on the order of when they are submitted.

I would expect ( I am not a reviewer so not 100%) that reviewers batch check submissions, and there are definite trends, limited time promotions etc. here (although not sure Architecture is one - construction is recently) where it is not uncommon for many files to be uploaded on that style.

Items are only on the home page for 1 or 2 days max. Relying on home page exposure for sales is not very good at all. Your own marketing and how your item appears within the category and search results is the best way to get sales.

I agree with @dtbaker

It would be a good idea for authors but the idea is to solve the problems for buyers.

Usually if I search something, I use the search engine to find it and I’m pretty sure you seek buyers before buying what they want.