Question(s) - Track Licensing For Project

Hi everyone! My friend asked me to put together a video for the upcoming anniversary of the Titanic’s disaster, which he will be uploading onto his YouTube channel.

I purchased a track (there were a few alternate versions included in the purchase) from Sky Productions early last year (one of the tracks will be used in the video), and I was wondering how I would be able to pass the licensing details to my friend if YouTube requests it.

Originally, this track was supposed to be used for a trailer that I was putting together for a project of mine, but I thought I would use it for my friend’s project instead.

Would I have to purchase the same track again if I wanted to use it for my projected on my YouTube channel later on? I understand that you would need a separate license for each track, but since there were several alternate versions included, could I use one of the alternate versions, or would I have to re-purchase everything again for my own use?

I’m pretty new to all of this, so please forgive my ignorance. Hope everyone is well! :slight_smile:


The license is good for one end-product. You can pass the license to your friends (send them, the license pdf), but you then won’t be able to use it yourself.

The alternate versions of the track provided are there for ease of use, as you can pick which version suits your project best, but they do not come with a separate license each. Indeed, you would have to get a license for your own use.

Hope it helps!