Question regarding PRO / Songtrust registration

Those who are using the PRO with AJ music:

how do you go about registering the tunes in say BMI / Songtrust? And if you see a proper media licence being purchased by some media / film company for some tune, how do you manually process it so that you would “catch” the use case?

The problems I see are for example lack of ISRC code (which for example Songtrust hopes to have) and not sure how the buyer uses the composer info. For example if somebody purchases a tune from me (user Driving) called Suspenseful, how will I make sure the PRO registration somehow matches with the said AJ tune


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Most of the times we have to rely on the customer properly filling the cue sheet with the correct info. I put the BMI info (name, IPI number and track title) in the zip and hope for the best.

One time that I didn’t see any royalties despite knowing a track was airing in a US commercial I contacted BMI, linking them the commercial from and my item page on AJ and they were able to match that spot with my track and I got the royalties a few months later.

I recently did the same and this time they didn’t bother to answer me, so I hope to see the royalties in the next quarter payment.

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Register it in PRO under the same nick and title.

But still it does not guarantee that client will fill a cue correctly or that he has to fill it (!).

This is a huge problem. I think I am loosing this way 10.000-100.000$ each year.

More info:

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Anyone know how to collect from the PRO in Belgium? This one is mine. I do not know the protocol for collecting ad codes from SABAM, the PRO in Belgium. Although…I have to believe this spot is running in a few European countries as the ad was made in French and English

Luca, send me a private link to the USA spot you have on air and I will get you the ad codes you need to send to BMI. I Spot helps, but it’s not the data they use and require.

I need help collecting performance royalties on the spot above airing in Europe.