Question regarding international trademark

Has anyone used the international trademark system:

I am asking this here because I know here are a lot of businesses owners from all around the world.

I think maybe somebody knows how much it costs and how much time it takes to register a trademark through that international trademark system…I’m really interested, for any information, thanks in advance!

There’s a ton of considerations. actually outlines it quite well.

Costs depend on all these factors but mostly on the level of protection and how many places.

This helps you work out a rough cost but if you want to use the Madrid system site their fees are

Thank so much!
I’ll have a look. This seems so complicated :slight_smile: I thought it should be easy to register a logo as text and graphic, but it seems it’s not that easy :frowning:

There are a ton of companies which do it all for you and generally it is way easier to go through them. (Google is your friend!).

We’ve done it a few times and it can easily get very expensive quickly but again it really depends the level of protection you are after, where and what you are trademarking

Often it is also not necessarily that simple to TM some stuff.