Question Regarding Envato Author Selling?

Hello, Everyone!

I have question about envato author exclusive selling. Question is:

  1. If I am selling an item on themeforest and graphicriver and all items are also selling on envato elements too. Can I sell those all items on my personal site or other marketplace?

  2. Including question one, can I modify those all items name, color and somethings after that can i sell it on my site and other marketplace?

Please help with answer. Thank you :slight_smile:

No (not if you are exclusive to envato) and No (it would need to be significantly different)

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If you choose to offer your items on an exclusive basis, then youโ€™ll benefit from lower author fees, but this means you cannot sell, distribute, or even give away for free your items (or any related items) outside of Envato. This includes on your own website.

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Thank you for quick reply.

If I am non exclusive on themeforest can sell it on other marketplace? can get approval from envato elements ?

If you are non-exclusive then yes you can sell it elsewhere - you just wonโ€™t get the same %

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Non-Exclusive to Envato Market
Content on Envato Elements is not required to be exclusive and can be sold on Envato Market or elsewhere.

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