Question on a theme that does not support widget


I’m developing a theme that doesn’t have any widgets. My question is, do I need to style the widget even if widgets is not supported?

Thanks for answering.

You will need at least to add some style for WordPress default widget.

thanks man.

Before, I created few themes without widget by marking the item details “Widget : Not Supported” but those were few years back.
Right now, you may need to check all widgets style ( not some as @hawk95 suggested ) but not sure if you could submit without one.

I suggest submit first without and wait for reviewers reply

Thanks. I hope a TF reviewer can answer this.

@ki-themes You only need to style default WordPress widgets to be widget ready, you don’t need to style any 3rd party widgets that the user may install and the plugins that you support.

When you style the default widgets, you need to check all of the them via Monster Widget plugin.
When you perform the changes, the other widgets will be working fine as well. In that matter, it’s not some widgets, all or none

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Our accepted theme doesn’t support adding widgets and we didn’t style the default widgets.
I think you just need to select ‘Widget Ready: No’ when you upload your theme for review.

Thanks man.

Hey @mabuc,

Our theme even if we selected ‘widget ready:no’, we still needed to style the WordPress default widgets. I suggest you do the same.

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oh thanks. I think I should style the widget just in case. thanks again!