Question:how do you handle Copyrights when adding sounds to your tenplates?

I have noticed that when people are uploading templates they are adding sound.

So i wonder: how do you do it without violiating copyrights?

The majority of people will use audio from Audiojungle. VideoHive authors are allowed to use any preview tracks from Audiojungle (in their preview videos) without permission, as long as they provide a link to the track in their item description.

For anyone who isn’t using and Audiojungle track, then they just need to make sure they have the right to use the track in their preview video… i.e. they made the track, they’ve licensed it for that use etc.

Thanks! that was helpfull
but can i modify for excimple if i want to take a preivew track.
and chage its pitch or reduce a is mids or lows (frequency)
will its still be lagit?

I don’t think so, so can use the sound for preview but I don’t think you can modify it in any way except to cut its length to suite your project.

Yeah, you can make minor cuts to better suit the project, but you can’t go playing around with the actual sounds of the track. The author made the mids and the lows the way they are for a reason, and they’re probably not going to want you to change them.

Although, I guess you could ask them for permission. I can’t see anything wrong with that, as long as the audiojungle watermark is still in place, you still have a link to the track and the author doesn’t mind.

Like if I buy a dress for the oscars, then I can do what I want with it. But if a designer gives me a dress to wear to the oscars, then they’re not going to be very happy if I use neon spray paint to add some flourishes, and glue chocolate pretzels all over it.