Question How do I start Tshirt printing Business?

Hello All,

Currently, I am in offline t-shirt printing business and I thought need to start it online too because now days all most all buy online. So I want to keep my business over there.


Hi Christophercorad !

Yes it’s a good initiative if you are good with designs then should definitely try to sell those designs online. There are many online platforms available and you can earn handsome money by selling t shirt designs at those platforms

if you need any help then contact me anytime via email through my profile page

i have a team of professional designers as well. Willing to help and assist you in getting that business live and kicking at the web

Most welcome

Hello christophercorad,

Have you checked any step by step guide about how to start T-shirt printing business? You will get many on Google. So you just need to search there. For it, I have also written one. Please refer to it, it might help you.

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Hi @christophercorad. You might be interested in this article from our friends at PlaceIt:

It’s a guide to the best online tools for running a T-shirt business - from selecting a print-on-demand and order fulfilment company, to drop-shipping options. There are lots of good options available at the moment, whether you’re a designer, or purchasing/commissioning designs to use on the shirts.