Question fur YT use Video


my english is not the best.

Want to buy a After Effects Project File, which is 14sec long.
Is it legal possible only to use the last 9sec video?

Second question, it doesnt matter regular license or extended for Youtube Intro? I only edit onetime, so that is the endproduct, an then i am able to use in all my youtube videos?

thanks :wink:

  1. Use it as you want.
  2. End Product it’s not your edited Intro. End Product it’s your YouTube channel. You can use the project in every videos on your channel (52 times per year). Year begins with the publication of the first video. If you want to use it for 2 YouTube channel, you should buy the project one more time. But if you use it on a single YouTube channel, so 1 standart license is enought.

Thanks romlam,

It means 52 YT Videos per Year are able to use the equal same Intro, which was build onetime from the buyed AE Template?

i am a litte bit confused, because i also found this: Can I use standard or extended license videos for YouTube intro?


my goal is only to use ontime a template to create a intro video, which i am able to use in all my yt videos.

You got me right. Looking through your link, I see that users write almost the same thing.

… so what the user “SpaceStockFootage” in the other thread wrote is not true?

now i am really confused. :frowning:

i only want to use the template onetime to create a Intro Video. And this Intro i only want to add to my youtube videos.

Buy 1 standard license, make your intro, and use it in every video (52 per year) on your YouTube channel

FAQ: …“A YouTube series that releases an episode every week (52 total) would only need to purchase a license once every year.”…

Every year means, this one video is limited tup to 52 per year and than i need every year (over over 52 yt vides per year) a new licence?

It to complicated… i only want to buy a video template, create only one Intro from this template, which im am able to use in every yt video. Without editing the intro or something.

but thank you romlam :wink:

by the way… “SpaceStockFootage” wrote my goal: An end product, in your case, would be a rendered video file. You can use that one video file as many times as you like, in any project, and for any amount of time.

^^but know i know, it is so not possible :frowning:

–>> Is this against TOS?

Okay really crazy… i think i must as the support, because there a so many different answers here.