Question for song feedback before submitting

Hi Guys,

I created this rock like song. I would really appreciate your constructive feedback on composition, sound, mixing, instruments etc. So I can possibly make some changes before I actually sumbit. Thanks!

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Whatever we write here, you’ll not know whether your work is approved or not until you upload it.

Of course. But If you have feedback, I can still make some changes. Afterwards is useless, because they wont allow you to upload a track twice :wink:

The mix is a bit messy. Try to separate your guitars more in the spectrum. I would use a different distortion effect than that on the higher pitch guitar (it’s the same than the low pitch guitar?) So, try to get a different sound for each of your 2 guitars, eq them a way they have each their place to breath in the spectrum (your high pitch guitar could peak more around 2500-5000 hz by exemple and the lower 1000-2500). The organ could get its place just under. Your hi hats have too much mid (keep that place for the guitars) and place them more in the treble.

Your bass lack bass frequencies. Rather than boost it, put a hi shelf at maybe at 160 hz on your bass to cut to much low mid-mid unnacessary frequencies that mask the instruments in the mid. You will solve two problems at a time: A more bassy bass and more space in the mid for your guitars and organ. :wink:

I hope it helps. :slight_smile:

This is very helpfull, I’m going to look in to it right away. The high pitched guiter does have another distortion, but I might change it anyway. Thank yo very much!