Question for Native Instruments users

I got a new studio computer and tried to find the most simple of way of moving all the existing VST libraries to it. I was hoping I could just copy the Native Instruments libraries to a new place and then “refresh” their existence via Native Access. However, after moving the libraries and starting Native Access, it doesn’t really “find” or understand that all the Komplete 6 stuff is already there in the directories I put into settings. It only offers the Install option so that I should download everything again into the same places they already are in.

In EWQL Play you can just right click and import an existing library location and I was hoping you could do something like this with NI as well.

Does anybody have any experience / success with making NI work like this without having to install everything again?

Edit: I’m using Windows 10

Are you a mac user or windows?

Windows 10

Alright, I think the best way is to create an image of your other pc and then install that image as recovery on the new pc.

Sadly that possibility is already passed. Also I migrated from Windows 7 to Windows 10 and the hardware is so different as well that the image wouldn’t have really worked because of drivers etc.

It is just weird that Native Access doesn’t have any kind of “point to existing library” option, which should be quite simple option to have.

You can still do it I’m kinda sure…You have to install just drivers and everything else is going to be the same!

And yes that Native Access thing is something that I really don’t like!

Have you tried giving the drive on your new computer the exact same name as the old one?
I just moved to new computer myself, but had all the kontakt libraries on a external drive.

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It might be due to the fact that Native Access only covers current versions of currently available products starting at Komplete 9 and up. At least some of your products in Komplete 6 probably no longer qualify if discontinued, or you haven’t updated them, and you’d need to use the old Service Center.

I have both Native Access and the Service Center on my system with Komplete 10 because I also have a few products that were discontinued before Komplete 9.

You can actually change default directory locations in Native Access under preferences as noted here:


But, as noted above, it might not work because of the age of your products. It might work for those that you’ve updated after the deployment of Komplete 9. You can try this first if you don’t still have the Service Center. You would, however, probably have to use the Service Center for products discontinued before K9.

I actually miswrote as I have Komplete 6 but upgraded to Komplete 11 and was talking about Komplete 11 libraries.

I finally ended up reinstalling everything via Native Access, but now it’s all working again :smiley: