Question before item submission

Hello Envato Community,

I have a question, i will submit laravel project but have few questions before this.

  1. Is it correct to upload the vendor folder that is automatically generated when the composer install command is executed, which is recommended to be executed for each hosting configuration because of the settings in the panel or vps itself?
  2. Do I need to take a dump of the tables, given that Laravel has its own built-in migration system, and they are started with php artisan migrate, which easily manages future updates to a given product?
  3. Is there any file structure to follow, I mean laravel core modules are in a separate directory? I mean that the entire initialized laravel project should be in a directory like core or app from where they can be loaded, or could the whole project be in the root directory?

Thanks in advance, I want to make sure I’m well prepared before uploading a product.


  1. It’s generally not necessary to upload the “vendor” folder since it can be regenerated on the server using Composer. It’s recommended to exclude it from your upload to reduce file size and potential security risks.
  2. You don’t need to manually dump tables if you’re using Laravel’s migration system. Just ensure that your migrations are up to date using php artisan migrate on the server.
  3. Laravel’s default file structure places core modules in directories like “app.” You can keep your entire project in the root directory, but it’s a good practice to organize your code into Laravel’s recommended directory structure for better maintainability.

Hope this helps! Good luck with your project submission.