Question about using audio in video games

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I contacted Envato Support, and the customer service agent assured me that what I was doing would fit within the confines of Item 12 in the Music Mass Reproduction license, but I wasn’t totally convinced they understood my question and I wanted to ask here, just to be sure.

This is what Item 12 says; You must not permit an end user to extract the Item and use it separately from an End Product.

I don’t know precisely what is meant by “permit” in this context.

When you download a game, the music files will be contained within that download. They could be accessed and converted into a typical distribution format like an Mp3 without a lot of work. By dint of this being possible, does that mean I am “permitting” an end user to extract the item and use it separately from the End Product?

Or is this item merely asking me to include in the game’s EULA that no audio can be extracted from the game?

Just wanted to make sure I have this right before I invest in music from AudioJungle. Bottom line is that it would be a simple matter to extract music from the game I’m making, and I want to know if, in and of itself, the fact that it’s simple qualifies as me “permitting” users to do so.

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That clause is actually explained in the license FAQs:

Do I need to protect the items within my end product from being re-used?

You should not permit end users of the end product to extract an item from the end product. You should do this by technological means if feasible, or by other means, like in the user terms for your end product.

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Oh great, thank you! I must have skipped right over that.