Question about the ThemeForest review process and soft rejections.

Hi everyone,

I have a quick question about the ThemeForest review process. I hope someone can help.

I submitted a template and received a soft rejection. The change requests were straightforward and easy to implement. I made the changes and re-submitted.

I received a soft rejection in less than 3 hours stating the changes were not enough. Then it occurred to me that perhaps I have misunderstood how the review process works.

Let me explain. I have the template hosted at a specific URL, and then I have a version of it for download (the one uploaded to TF). Obviously the hosted version has things like Google Analytics tracking with my specific ID, CloudFlare integration and various other things. I strip all of this out for the version for download.

So, when I made the changes for re-submission, I made those changes to the version for download. Not to the live site. So, my question is, do the reviewers review the live site or the uploaded files or both?

The changes requested were very specific to TF (change the title, add a table of contents to the css file etc). So didn’t seem applicable to the production site.

Thanks in advance.

From what I’ve noticed, they check both the themeforest pack and the demo website.
I once did exactly like you, changed only in the pack (removed some animations), but they kept saying it is not enough. Then I changed in the live demo also and got approved.

Oh wow, thanks for this. That is really interesting. One of the reasons for the soft rejection was the number of http requests and page load time. The http requests on the production site are unavoidable, it’s been optimized to the max. The page load time issue is actually to do with server response time which I can’t do much about without moving to a different host or upgrading.

It’s funny that this is a metric they judge the submission on seeing as the template will perform differently on different hosting packages.

Any suggestions on what I could do about this?

You are right, but if the demo is slow, a buyer will most likely not be encouraged to buy it, so they lose too. That’s why you may have a soft reject for demo loading issues.

I’m sorry, I can’t think of any suggestion except changing your host.

Yea that makes sense. Thanks. Time to upgrade then I guess. If you don’t mind may I ask you one more question?

This is the first time I have had a soft rejection and resubmitted. When I did resubmit I got the rejection response in less than 3 hours, on a Sunday. Does that turnaround seem realistic to you in your experience?

The reason I ask is because one of the change requests for the initial rejection was to change the wording of the submission title from “Theme” to “Template”. A quick and simple change. Yet in the subsequent rejection email they referred to it by the old title. Not the new one. And when I look at the submission in the dashboard under hidden items all the changes I made to the title, description etc for the second submission are no longer there. It has reverted back to the content for the initial submission.

I wondered if this means perhaps something went wrong when I was resubmitting? Or is this normal for TF?

Thanks again for your help.

For the first question, it does seem realistic, I do not know how or when the reviewers from Envato work, but they do not have a regular schedule from what I’ve seen.
I sent one theme last month and another one ten days after. The first one got approved after a month and the second one only three days after. So at least for now their schedule seem to be a bit messy.

The second question, I heard something like that from a friend, he resumbmitted with some changes after soft rejection and the changes where gone after they rejected again. I guess it sometimes happen that they have these kind of problems, I don’t know, maybe someone more informed can answer this question a lot better

I contacted support after this happened to get some clarification too, I don’t want to get in trouble for resubmitting with no (apparent) changes so will wait until I hear from them.

I’ll post the response here in case it helps anyone else out.

Thanks again for your help and have a great week.