question about the package 16.5$/m of Envato

Is there anyone tried to use the packages 16.5$/m, unlimited packages of Envato

I am interesting only the title “90.000+ music” of this package, because i am video producer so my demand is only for music background . I also buy alot good single music,tracks on audiojungle. But it s costly when you buy those as a single product.

So i am wondering that if those music tracks are able to be purchased on the packages, it would be nice to invest 16.5$/m or at least have-to-purchase 198$/ year

Many thank for your answers


Thanks for asking your question at Envato Forum.

Envato Element & Envato Market are no same platform! Both are different.
If you have yearly subscription on Envat Element then you are able to download everything that exist on Envato Elements platform.

You are not able to download anything from Envato Market like Themeforest, Videohive, Audiojungle, Codecanyon etc.

I hope you understand.
Let us know if you have any other question.


Currently there are a bit under 12 000 tracks on Elements. I’m curious as to where you read “90 000+ music”.
Comparatively, there are around 500 000 tracks on Audiojungle.


I am not sure but I think 16.5$/m applicable only for yearly subscription.

i am pretty sure it is a title " 90.000+ audio" , i am watching it :))

Yes 16.5 x 12 = 198/ year

And annual payment is the only option in the payment method

thank you, i thought they are in same platform Envato :))

no, you have both monthly and yearly subscription scope. Just you have to choose which one you will prefer. But I think 16.5$/m applicable only for yearly subscription. Thanks

Sorry, i need to ask 1 more question that.

All audios, music tracks on Envato Element also include licenses as same as on Audiojungle?

There are no Broadcast licenses included with Elements.

Oh, I’m not saying you’re wrong. But this advertisement is clearly misleading, as it doesn’t reflect the truth. This is why I was wondering where you had seen this.

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yes, haha

33/m is monthly
16.5/m is annually

Envato element website --> tab " go unlimited"–> scroll down to " Included within your subscription:", i am seeing the title “90.000+ audio” :))

This is sound effects and music all together. It would be more clear if sound effects and music were separated. Around 12 000 music tracks and 78 000 sound effects is what you get access to.


Oh ok, that’s because they include SFXs. It all checks out.

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Hi @tnbs19192! Thanks for your interest! :slight_smile:

Most of the tracks from Audiojongle are not available in Elements. They are two different platforms. I strongly recommend you thoroughly check if the items you are interested in are indeed available in the subscription catalog.

Also keep in mind that Elements does not provide extended licenses so, for instance, you could not use music downloaded from Elements for TV Broadcast project.

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