Question about the Magic Particles Logo or Lightning Strike Reveal and Streaming/YouTube

I’m a streamer on Twitch and Mixer who also uploads my footage/highlights to YouTube, Facebook, and Twitter. I want to buy the Magic Particles Logo (Can be found here) or the Lightning Strike Reveal animation (found here), and I’m curious about a few things regarding the Standard or Extended licenses.

My first question is, which license do I use? I stream 2-4 times a week and upload videos at least once every two weeks to my various platforms.

Tying into that, I know some places consider the fact I can gather monetization from Ads, Subscriptions, or Donations while using a product as a form of a “commercial” use and thus you need a commercial license for the product, while others do not. So I was hoping I could get some clarification on that. So would I just get the Extended license? I’m not directly selling the assets, and I’m not selling each video directly. But I could make money off of others watching it or donating. I understand this isn’t a simple question, but I wanna know before I buy this and suddenly find myself facing a lawsuit for it.

Thanks! - Kodi