Question about tax obligation in the USA

I live in Japan. Withholding tax is not collected from the income from the audio jungle, but besides tax payment in Japan, should I pay tax even in the US (or Australia?)?


Other than Withholding Tax, you don’t have to pay anything to the US IRS (unless you’re an American citizen living in Japan).



I see. How is payment of US withholding tax?
(ENVATO is an Australian company, is it okay to pay it to the US?)

It’s a complicated story but Envato is a US company for US transactions.

You yourself do not have to pay anything to either the US nor Australia. You’re only responsible for paying Japanese taxes.

The US IRS will withhold income tax directly on your sales, if you have not filled the W8 form with a valid Tax ID number. If you did fill the form, then nothing will be withheld from your earnings.

Hope it’s clear, if it’s not, feel free to ask more questions.

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All doubts are cleared!!
Thank you very much for telling me!!