Question about specific Theme

Found a specific theme I was interested in getting more information about and can’t seem to find it anywhere now. Theme name is “Baroque”. If I get a reply reasonably quick I’ll ask about it but honestly, my impression of this site and company isn’t so great right out of the gate. There are lots of other companies selling quality products who welcome instead of discourage new potential customers.

one of these?

Yes, I’m not sure which one it was now. I’ll revisit them and let you know.

It was the first one on that page by author drfuri
I was interested in emailing the author or finding a freelancer to discuss getting some development work with it.

@drfuri says they are available for freelance work (drfuri's profile on ThemeForest) use the form bottom right once you are signed in

Or item comments Discussion on Baroque - Architecture & Interior WordPress Theme

Or else look on where you would have the protection of envato which you will not have by finding someone at random

Thank You! And thank you for replying so promptly! Is there some obvious place on Envato’s site for a contact email or phone contact information to communicate with them?

Form bottom right

You need to be logged in to use it

Oh! Duh! Guess I need to get glasses and be a little more observant.
Thank You!

I’m just wondering if it is common not to hear to back from authors for a few days? I sent in a request to be contacted via email to discuss both the theme and development work and have not heard back from them. Thanks!

It really depends on who it is - some are teams of people but some are one man bands - you could try posting a comment on the item feed