Question about Speaker and Life Coach Theme

We wanted to ask this before purchasing, but couldn’t figure out how.
We just purchased your Speaker and Life Coach theme.
There are two main components to what we’re trying to accomplish: (1)videos and (2)pages with text.
The videos need to be regularly dripped, one at a time. The videos need to remain fully accessible, but only after they are dripped.
The pages with text all need to be fully accessible by everyone right from the beginning.
Also, we need to be sure that someone enrolling two years from now would begin at that same point (with the videos) as someone enrolling today.
Finally, we will be doing a monthly subscription for this service through
It appears that using this package will accomplish all of this.
Is this correct?


1 - The drip content is possible by using the LearnPress Content Drip add-on here:

Since you are using Coaching, you can install the Content drip add-on for free in your Dashboard > Coaching > Plugins

2 - About the lesson with ‘text all need to be fully accessible by everyone right from the beginning’, you could add the content to the description of the course so anyone can see it, or create a new lesson and set it as Previewable so anyone can see it. It’s very easy and you can see the previewable setting in the Lesson setting.

3 - For now, the monthly subscription is only allowed to be used with Paypal since the subscription platform that we are using (Paid Membership Pro) only allow that. You can add as your payment gateway, however it can’t auto renew monthly.


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How do I get a refund. The monthly billing is absolutely imperative to this project and PayPal is not a broad enough option.


Hi again,

Before you do that, please check this article which provides a step by step guide on how to do monthly billing (a.k.a subscription):

Also, if you have any issues, just create a support topic on our VIP support forum for Coaching and our developers will try the best to help you out.

You can check this note on how to create a support account and create a topic:


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Thank you for your response, but I don’t understand.

There is nothing in the article (link you supplied below) that suggests that we can do recurring monthly billing through

Since we were originally told that recurring monthly billing for LearnPress can only be done through PayPal, then we assume that’s the only option. Are there other options. If so, please advise.