Question about selling products from Iran

Hello, Honorable Managing Director of Envato and Dear Users
I recently started designing professionally and I do not have the experience of selling my products at Envato
I’ve been living in Iran for a few months because of my father’s illness, and now it’s not possible for me to return to England.
I have a master card and a visa card and I also have a bank account in the UK.
Can I upload my products from Iran, and the proceeds will be transferred to my master card or visa card?

Thank you for answering my question!

  • Ahmad Farzoni

No, unfortunately not. Envato aren’t allowed to accept authors from Iran and there are no exceptions due to sanctions from the US.


@SpaceStockFootage: I don’t think that’s true. If he has the account set up before from UK you can easily upload items from Iran. I don’t think it matters the location from where you’re uploading items.

If I travel to Iran it means I cannot upload items from there? Based on the US embargo they’re not allowed to make business with individuals or entities that are Iranian and set up in Iran.

That’s just my 2 cents so take it with a grain of salt.


Unfortunately not. If he’s an Iranian living in the UK then that’s fine. But as he’s living in Iran, that’s when the sanctions come into play, doesn’t matter if he’s Iranian or not.

I know what an embargo means. I still think that as long as he has an UK account and just his location is Iran he can do stuff pretty safe.

Note that it says if you MOVE and TAKE RESIDENCY in those countries you cannot do business.

As I’ve mentioned above, think from a traveling perspective.

Yeah, but he lives there… he’s not travelling. It’s pretty clear in the rules:

Those sanctions mean that Envato Market cannot be accessed from the Restricted Countries nor can sales between authors and buyers that occur on our marketplace be associated with persons located in the Restricted Countries.

Although he’s not said so… based on the name and the circumstances, I’m going to assume he’s Iranian. So you’ve got an Iranian living in Iran… I mean It doesn’t really get more clear cut than that, no matter where he was when he opened his account.


Hi @ThemeEy3.

I think @SpaceStockFootage has the correct interpretation here, regarding Envato access from locations on our Restricted Country list: if you are now living in Iran, you won’t be able to use Envato Market while the US has trade sanctions in place.

For a definitive ruling, please open a Help ticket at the Envato Help & Support Center if you haven’t done so already. Our Help team will make sure it reaches the appropriate people within the company.


First I must say I’m really sorry that such identity discrimination has overcome the world! Because we are the only victims of political abuses. Racism is not good at all

Thank you for your reply
Because my name is Ahmad, there is no reason to live in Iran!
I own a residential unit in London. All of my work and life are in England
Unfortunately, my father has prostate cancer. That’s why I’m currently in Iran.
I do not even have Iranian affiliation.
Everyone named, synonymous with the name of the Prophet of Islam, is not Iranian!
Example: “Karim” Benzema
Thank you friends again and excuse me for taking your time

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Yes, I understand the above.

Thank you

It has nothing to do with racism… if I lived in Iran I’d be in the same situation. It’s just Envato following the rules that they have to.

Yes that’s right
I didnt say that ENVATO racially behaves.
Just talk about the cruel policies of the world!
I know ENVATO must follow the good and bad policies of the United States.
Do not misunderstand at one time :smiley:
Thanks for the time you left. :slight_smile:
I’ve come back to London every time I start working at ENVATO :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

God bless you :v:

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