Question about selling a product excursively and selling a bi-product on my site

Hey Guys,

I had a question about selling a product here on ThemeForest. I have a product on my personal site called Tails: Tailwind CSS Page Creator - Tails, which is a TailwindCSS page creator.

Over the last year we’ve created a library of ready-to-use templates. I wanted to inquire about selling all the designs in Tails as an HTML product on Themeforest; however, I wanted to see if I would still qualify for the: Exclusive Author Fee: 12.5% - 37.5%, instead of the Non-exclusive.

The templates themselves are never sold anywhere else besides inside of the Tailwind Page creator, so it would technically be templates that are sold exclusively with Envato.

Can someone please let me know if I would still be eligible. Because in that case I would be creating a new SaaS Template kit on Envato using my designs. Please let me know :slight_smile:

Really appreciate it!


It is best to submit a ticket to the author support team for a definitive answer on this one but it is likely the service on your site qualifies as redistribution, so you would not be able to sell the same HMTL templates on envato separately. See What about services? in

You may be able to sell the layouts/designs as a different product, such as a WordPress theme or Elementor Template Kit but this would take redevelopment of the items on your part.