Question about resubmission.

I submitted a flyer and it was rejected. They said “you won’t be able to re-submit this item again”, does that mean i can’t ever fix whatever the problem is and resubmit it. Is this just a waste? Im confused with this, and i really wish they would tell me what the problem is instead of saying “quality standard”. red carpet

This will not be approved. If they thought it can be fixed; they would’ve softly rejected it. Work on a new concept and submit it.

Thank you! I just wish I knew why so I know what to look for on the next one.

They’re basically saying that if you resubmit the same item, then it will be rejected. If you make sufficient changes, then it’s essentially a new item, so might be considered for approval.

Gotcha! Thanks.

Serious, perspective issues, is probably the main reason.

The star is in front of the red panel, but behind the RED,…text, or it looks bad.

And the Birthday text is in front of the main header, but behind the SATURDAY,…text.

The text could possibly get away with it, but the star, just looks like a mistake; l would have pushed all the text together and kept it away from the Birthday, and moved the star up.

Good luck.


Thank you! I going to remove that whole image in the center and maybe add a model with bottles instead.

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