Question about removing a $ in a price table.

I made a price table on my website with a theme I got from Envato Elements, but the $ shows up without me adding it. It must be somewhere in the code, but I have no idea where. I didn’t know these items didn’t have any support… so hopefully someone can help me. It’s from the theme Concept Seven.

It’s probably connected to WooCommerce currency and you may need some code changes as you stated to perform the modification. As this is an item from Elements ( author doesn’t provide support ) you may need to end-up hiring a freelancer to perform the work for you. ( I’m available if you’re interested in )

Apart from “why” you need this changes, it’s better to leave the currency as it is ( if you want to change it, you can check WooCommerce settings )

Hello, thank you for your reply! I changed it in Woocommerce, but unfortunately nothing changed on the page itself. I think it’s a elegant icon, but I don’t know where to remove it. I will keep you in mind, thanks.
Oh by the way, I live in Europe, so I need the € sign.

It should come with WP Bakery ( table ) and it should offer some icon settings. Double check the details ( or refer the documentation )