Question about purchasing items pack.

Good day to all!
One of my potencial buyers want to buy an pack (3 items), but he is confused about issue of licenses. How many licenses he get at all? Only one certificat where will be writing three license numbers (for one company), or he get three certificats by three different organisations on each items?

He asked:

  1. you give 3 diffrent licenses ? 1 for each melody ?
  2. I will use the music pack with the 3 melodies for 3 diffrent movies for 3 different companies…
    How can i give the license to them ?

I have to find FAQ notice:

But this section is not clear in the end how many licenses (certificates) will be. I’m also interested in this issue, since I still did not buy any packs and do not know the process.

Help me please to resolve this issue.

Here is an example built on what I understand from FAQ page:

A YouTuber purchased a music pack that contained 2 songs, he could use each song to create a video, so the total videos he could make would be 2 YouTube videos created with one purchase.
Note that he can’t use song #1 for one more time instead of using song #2, so if he wants to use song #1 in that pack twice, he needs to purchase a new license.

This is what I understand from FAQ, so that doesn’t mean that I’m absolutely right.
If no one from staffs and mods replied here, You could contact the support team and be 100% sure.