Question about promotion tools on AJ

Hello everyone. Im here( on AJ ) almost six years. And for this time I’ve tried many ways to promote tracks. It was targeting ads, ads on folk sources, letters to companies that might need my music. By the way the last REALLY worked. The truth is not for long.

Here I also have a question about:
Which tools you use for promotion your music on AJ.
With respect Blacksmith

Basically all the standard tools work for me:

Facebook, youtube, soundcloud, twitter, smoke signals, linkedIn, etc…
I tried advertising on facebook but that was a bit of a miss.

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Admit it… that was your cooking :sunglasses:

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I can’t deny that can i? :rofl:

Please make the tutorial for us, I desperately need to try this one :laughing:


Thanks a lot for this great tip, Robert! Tried it today and let me tell you, for the first time in 5 years, finally something worked for me! :smiley:


This issue was discussed many times in this forum. I find that promotion doesn’t work. AJ already promote you but there are so many great music and authors here and it’s so difficult to compete. Competition is huge here.

Hey folks, Matt here from the Envato Marketing team.

Thought I’d chime in on this thread because it relates to a piece of work the team explored recently.

Basically in the past couple of months, we’ve seen a huge lift in the number of purchases to AudioJungle coming from Facebook and Youtube. We put this down to a couple of reasons, but largely we believe it has to do with the recent changes in search algorithms on Google and Facebook favouring video content.

There’s no secret sauce that we can identify as of yet (when we know, we’ll let you know) but I think the moral of the story at this stage is that you’ve gotta be out there to be discovered. There are clearly customers who are using Facebook and YouTube as a search and discovery mechanism for their music needs; if you can get your stuff out there, they may just discover you :slight_smile:

To correct @DPmusicStudio, promotion absolutely works. The authors with the most success have all figured this out. Yes, AJ is a traffic Engine. But it’s an engine that’s fueled by the traffic of other websites. Our search and discovery tools are designed to reward items that generate transactions. Therefore, if you want the highest chance of trending or becoming a popular file, you should have some channels and customers than you cultivate on your own.


Thanks @Matthewcoxy for useful comment. May be indeed own website with good CEO can generate good traffic and allow to attract own clients.

All of this is nice but when i target a lot of traffic on my page this is not make a any sence because are sales still be lowest lewel. Then i just decide to just write music and let it be.

Ask for the Cowboy, he’ll take care.