Question about licenses

I am interested in buying the theme" The SEO - SEO and Digital Marketing Agency WordPress Theme:" I am reading the license information and it is confusing to me. I can just buy the standard $59 license and sell my items throught the website, correct? The license lingo uses words like end user and that is a little puzzling to me. Does that mean if I want to sell the theme itself?

Thank you

Yes. But keep in mind that if there are parts of the website put behind a paywall, then an Extended License for the theme is needed.

The term “end users” refers to the people who will use the end product, and the end product in your case is the website you’ll create using the theme.

OK…I just want to be able to add products and sell them via Paypal and/or credit card. The standard is fine for that, correct?

Yep, Regular license should be fine. :slight_smile: