Question About Licenses - Extended

I have a question about Licenses - Specifically Extended…

I’ve read the terms, but I am not certain if my use-case is allowed or not.

My use: I work as an agency, and there-fore intend to purchase an extended license. I will create a single work out of the video. However, I want to make it available to my clients within my marketing platform. However, there will be no access to source files, and the ONLY thing a client can do to it, is insert their name/contact info on the closing portion of the vid

Now here’s where the confusion comes in. Within the terms, it states that extended license does not cover using content in a way where multiple clients can access within a site/work/app on a made to order basis, due to the fact that the license only covers a single work.

However, isn’t my item still a single work? The client cannot change/touch any other part of the vid other than add his/her contact info and name where appropriate so that they can use it as a marketing vid. So am I ok to use in this way?

The terms seem to be trying to avoid people using as stock material, or portions of bundles, etc… I’m doing none of that, but want to make sure I’m using as permitted. Thank you in advance.