Question about items and end products (licensing)

I would have preferred to email this to support, but don’t see any way to do that. Hopefully this gets found in here (this forum layout seems a bit of a messy jumble).

My question is about clearly understanding the item use and end products for licensing (specifically an audio track). There have been comments by different sellers that seem to conflict with the written licensing, so I want to make sure.

If I am creating a screencast tutorial on YouTube (just a quick video showing how to do something with a piece of software), and just use about 10 seconds of intro music, is that one tutorial considered one end product? Or could I use that same audio track for several tutorials of the same software product (so, a series of quick videos about the same piece of software)? Offering free tutorials would get pretty pricing to buy a separate license for every single tutorial video for the same product. A couple of sellers indicated that their audio tracks could be used for multiple YouTube tutorial videos for the same product. Then, a repurchase would be needed for a separate set of tutorial videos (on a different product). This seems reasonable, but doesn’t seem to match the wording of the licensing that Envato provides.

Any clarification about this? Any idea how I can email Envato directly?

you can talk to support here

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