Question about image license for a project

Hello Envato team and members,
assuming you have a customer project (website). The customer wants a
certain image. I find the picture on Envato Elements. I myself have a subscription
and download the image with license (e.g. set-of-books-PPHHXX3).
My question to you:
1.) Can I charge the customer for the picture?
2.) Do I have to enter a source of the image in the imprint?
3.) Can the image be used in other projects, if you want to use it again from Envato

I hope someone can answer the questions, I would be happy.


Yes you can charge clients for projects you use Element’s assets in. You don’t need to add the source. And you can use the image in another project as long as you download it again for the new project.

Hope that helps :smiley:

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Hello, KingDog,
but it wouldn’t hurt if I mention the source in the imprint?
best regards, ilona

Totally up to you. But I’m sure the author would be happy :smiley: