Question about Google


Hello humans of Envato. :blush:

Just got a question, I was searching my name for uses of my music on Google, and I’ve got this French language radio station that says it used my music in the search result shown below. But when I go to the webpage that text isn’t there. I’ve seen this happen before, with image searches as well. Just wondering why that happens?



HI Martin,

My guess is your name was being displayed in the “recently played” dynamic field. Google must have kept a trace of it, but as the list changes all the time, your name isn’t there anymore.


Thanks PurpleFogSound, looks like you’re right. It just played again a few tracks ago in the last played list. Looks like they used my music for that “Jingle N13 road trip musical”, whatever that is. :smile: Only way I’ll be able to find out is to listen to the radio and hope it gets played again… :neutral_face:

Off topic: I’m pretty sure I’ve been reading your name as “Purple Frog” for the last few years. :frog: