question about "exclusive author"



Taking into consideration the queque I have the following legitim question:

If I submit my wordpress theme on a different market and I start selling there then once the theme is approved on themeforest I remove from there and sell only on themeforest, am I an exclusive author ?


You’d be breaking the rules for the period between it going live here, and you taking it down elsewhere. Although there’s nothing wrong with having it elsewhere while it’s in the queue for review… exclusivity only applies to items that are live on the marketplace.


so what you are saying is, if the envato queque is going to be constant like 2 month and ±3 days I could submit it somewhere else then with 3 days before review remove it from there …


Obviously it’s hard to say exactly how long an item will take to get reviewed, but yes, if you remove it from other sites three days before it is accepted on this site, then there would be no issue problem that.


for now I will wait to see if the time problem is fixed within a month… if not I will start to take actions, I can’t wait more then 1 month just to sell… and I’m very sure lots of authors will start to test different markets… let’s see what envato is going to do then…

Is not ok to have time, because when people have time, they start to think!