Question about Envato's Regular and Extended License


We are in the process of creating a new project which will be distributed as:

  1. Open-source (free to end-clients)
  2. Sold to a handful of our existing customers

We have purchased a theme and are using a single page only which will be part of our product. The page is going to be heavily modified keeping only a few elements and styles. The product we have purchased is:

Our questions to you ware:

  1. Can we use the 1 page of the purchased product and distribute to our clients freely? The number of clients is unknown, generally in the 1000’s.
  2. With the Extended license -> Can we use the 1 page and sell to our customers? Is there a limit to the number of clients we sell to?

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For specific license questions we recommend opening a Help ticket. They will be happy to help.

Thank you!

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